Solidarity purchase

Solidarity projects of social responsibility fighting against poverty.

Aiming for fighting poverty and solitude of marginalized or disadvantaged people, we wish working with public and private partners to generate income for this cause in a fair way that’s are profitable for all stakeholders. We offer compensatory trade for your purchases of Web and digital products, turnkey products offered with a personalized service for solidarity projects. Through this commercial exchange, we want to give a better chance for vulnerable people to strengthening their capacities by learning entrepreneurship adapted to a diversified socio-cultural context. It’s at competitive prices that your purchases helping us in this mission. I invite you to discover […]

The founder with the co-founders

Open for solidarity business who wish helping young people to become autonomous

Since last year, a lot of work has been done to prepare the entry of World Open Business to create the new WOB concept that wants to give a chance to microbusiness to be open on the world and it’s diversity for a complementary actions movement to fight against poverty. Our wish is to see marginalized people, often disadvantaged for employability, create their self-employment by developing their entrepreneurial abilities so that they create their jobs with a microbusiness of their own. Microbusiness is undoubtedly the best way to give emerging entrepreneurs in precarious situations the chance to build their autonomy, so that they […]

formations adaptées à un contexte socioculturel diversifié

Microbusiness create wealth.

We believe in self-employment created by entrepreneurship that create wealth through open, respectful and humane businesses focused on a fair and sustainable social economy. Together, we propose to find ways to improve the quality of life of entrepreneurs by creating their business.  We train and accompany young people to develop their skills, their knowledge and their abilities, but also their openness to the world, and it is from this mission that we thought and created WOB. Our center of expertise counts on people of heart who accompany our entrepreneurs towards the way of their success and it is with the […]