WOB humanist vision

Trainers Christian Wirth, Michel Poulin and David Bélanger met to define the futur of World Open Business (WOB) training platform and action strategic plan intended to help disadvantaged and marginalized people from society. The exercise consisted in putting their ideas into place to build a global approach and prioritize the issues for this year.

World Open Business (WOB) adds value to a proposal for management services and information technology, Web and digital by giving more destitute people from diverse socio-cultural context the opportunity to learn through adapted training.

It is in a public-private partnership of orders for their organizational needs, these organizations are invited to help us, so that we can help these young people to get hands-on experience in a flourishing field that gives them tools to build their career.

Offered by experts, with the cooperation of private and public partners in different fields, they learn management and best practices in the field of information technology. Together, we work to give them tools to help them succeed in creating their business or career.

To find out more about our mission

From here and all around the world.

Teams of trainers and partners from all around the world are created and training are already offered. Will be added over weeks, months and years to come other formations to continuously build this new way of doing education for an economic impact in social and solidarity business. 

The constructive forces deployed by our team of expert trainers allow student learners and organizations to live a win-win relationship.

Our services are for organizations that have a clientele that helps most deprived of society:

  1. Public organizations;

  2. NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations);

  3. Cooperatives and women’s associations;

  4. NPOs (non-profit organizations);

  5. Microenterprises (startup);

  6. Small and medium businesses.

Discover the WOB proposition value to understand how we achieve it and why our strategy is rooted in a humanistic and cooperative approach.