A mission anchored in a social and responsible entrepreneurial vision.

World Open Business invites you to the wonderful world of solidarity entrepreneurship. With your help, we wish to undertake support actions to fight against social inequalities in a continuous process of integration and appropriation of skills and practical knowledge through training in solidarity entrepreneurship.

Our approach by co-development co-creation helps people who are marginalized or disadvantaged by developing their abilities so that they can achieve themselves through a job they have created.

The WOB collective participates in the development for human local solidarity within international cooperation. We promote social peace around the world through the development of various education program and awareness activities as part of an entrepreneurial component for the creation of microbusiness. WOB is a joint venture company in the legal sense of the law.

The expert trainers give practical training in entrepreneurship, especially for the poorest members of society.

Since entrepreneurship can be an honorable solution to foster the emancipation of being in society;


“We would like to talk to you about the different trainings we can give to your community. We want to work with you to tailor our offer as much as possible to the people you want to help. “