A mission with vision


Our mission is to offering a chance to young people from different backgrounds to live social inclusion by offering them an opportunity to create their autonomy, but also a better life for them, their families and ultimately for their community. Our humanitarian educational missions go through project-based learning in a co-development approach for different entrepreneurial projects proposed by young learners.

Our vision has a lasting and global impact

Base on proximity economy, from local toward international, with the help of experienced social entrepreneurs, WOB can offer a variety of services to different types of customers.

Our collective works in capacity building through entrepreneurship training, mainly aimed for young people to enable them to co-develop and co-create microenterprise projects.

It’s by mobilizing them on real projects that we manage to add economic and social value in a cooperative offer that benefiting to everyone.

In that way, the poorest or most disadvantaged young people targeted by our training program can flourish by actively participating in healthy business development ecosystems, from here and elsewhere, in a diversified cultural exchange enriching for all.

Our services are articulated around practical training in management and information technologies, web and digital with a collective intelligence approach in a client immersion experience to entrepreneurship.