Agreement in Principle with the President of Mercadex

An agreement in principle for a solidarity partnership between Mercadex International and World Open Business for a private order has been concluded. Through our new partnership, WOB will be able to provide capital in exchange for its work, which will help our organization helping marginalized or disadvantaged people for competitive training opportunities. This first important step marks the path of an agreement for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Solidarity partners WOB

Jean-Paul David, President of Mercadex International.

This agreement in principle will help for providing help for marginalized or disadvantaged people in their training. This first importance step marks a path of an agreement  for the benefit of all stakeholders.

In addition, Mercadex wants to add value to this proposal in the coming months by supporting business development through communication with its professionals network, by inviting them to participate.

Through this commendable and cooperative gesture, they will be able to count on a team of expert trainers who help disadvantaged and marginalized people in their capacity building tasks through training to learn the use of accessible tools (Open Source) in technology. Information, Web and Digital for entrepreneurship. The courses will also include a management component, particularly in project management, marketing, finance and financing, customer relations and customer experience, collaborative management, sustainable development and environment etc.

At the same time, this strategy will reduce the costs of solidarity partners for this type of service, while supporting a noble cause that helps the poorest people in society so that they can learn in practice through public-private partnerships with different customers doing business with WOB.

First thing first, Mercadex will be able to recover a significant amount of the usual agency fees spends each year on this type of service. On an other hand, WOB will provide practical workshop session for student-learners on real practical working experience. WOB guarantees the satisfaction of the services, that will be assured with the help of expert-trainers who will ensure it in their teaching process on all development services.

WOB is very proud to be able to count on Mercadex as a solidarity partner and wish to see other companies following.

The consulting firm has specialized in international marketing for more than 20 years. The company, founded in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) in 1994, opened an office in Europe (Paris) two years ago to support European companies in their outreach.

Since then, they supporting several hundred companies abroad and their R & D international trading activities, Mercadex now offers a set of solutions, practical tools developed by there team to answer questions and issues determinants for internationally company.

Founded in 2016 by Mr. Jean-Paul David, President of Mercadex recently partnered with Mr. Stéphane Michalon, a business leader with a rich practical experience with companies internationalization to operating their growing activities on a European market.

Since this agreement, the redesign of their Website in French has been completed