An employability updated vision.

World Open Business invites you into the world of social and solidarity integration for employability.

Our platform currently in development will allow you to make correspondences between your needs and your desires.

Whether you're looking for a job or hiring new talent, we work with you to identify the best match between your goals and your needs.

What are you looking for?

  • We propose to help you find a suitable job for you and to train you for free with support from your future employer;


  • We suggest you to create your job with the help and support of funds for entrepreneurship.

  • We propose to find for you one or many talents to meet your hiring needs;


  • If necessary, we will help you train new talents or update existing ones to meet your organizational HR needs.

Our hands-on approach helps all people without discrimination to develop their management and information technology skills so they can fully realize themselves to be ready for facing the reality of today's work world.

Our expert trainers provide practical training in capacity building to meet the challenge of adaptability to information technology and management of your talents on different themes that we can adapt with you according to your needs.

Our values ​​promote education, diversity and social peace through the development of various educational programs supported by private and public organizations that support capacity building related to education gaps.

Who's our service for?

We offer our services to solidary capacity building partners to their employees or to their new talents so that they can:

1- Keep a job through new skills by upgrading it by using technological tools, digital, Web, management of different kinds.

2- Integrate a job to meet the needs of an employer in growing organizational.

Our training tailored to the needs of the organization or emerging entrepreneurs are paid through business start-up fund programs or by employers who want to find atypical talent or improve the skills of their human resources within private or public organization.

We also offer capacity-building training to help young, marginalized or job-challenged talent to:

Create their work by developing a microbusiness.