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Nous formons et accompagnons les entrepreneurs pour développer leurs compétences, leurs connaissances et leurs capacités, mais aussi leur ouverture sur le monde.

Be part of our international community for employability

Take action to build a sustainable and responsible economic world. World Open Business offering services in employability, we build with participants and our partners adapted training in collective intelligence for employability. Whether you’re looking for a job or hiring new talent, we work with you to identify the best match between your goals and your needs. We also provide assistance through capacity building training for marginalized or job-challenged talent so they can create their work by developing their entrepreneurial skills. Our capacity building courses are offered in the field of managerial and entrepreneurial management with the help of information technology […]

Be part of our international community for employability

Logis Phare lights up parents path for helping children.

Logis Phare lights up parents path for helping children

As we know, addiction breaks lives, yet this subject does’nt have the popular coast because it’s complex, difficult to tackle and misunderstood. The not-for-profit organization Logis Phare primarily helping pregnant women, single-parent families and couples with children, with one or both parents on opioid substitution therapy. Logis Phare offers alternatives and solutions to protect children under 5 years. Does education and parenting promotion skills. It enables beneficiaries developing their autonomy and skills to develop tools for their social integration. Logis Phare collects your donations via their Website with CanaDon.org platform and wants help from organizations and spokespeople who want to […]

New adaptable and manageable Website for ROCLD

We are very pleased to present to you the Regroupement of the Quebec Community Organizations fighting against the school dropout (ROCLD) which since August 31st has had a new Website to better answer their needs of handling it easily. Asked by the employees to maintain the online content, the Website improvement project was part of a co-development approach through practical training given to them. We thank all the team for their trust, their hospitality and their organizational support, which allowed the project to succeed in time for the start of the new school year. Having undergone a redesign, especially to […]

Free assistance for Quebec SMEs offered by the Ministry of the Economy, Science and Innovation

Taking the digital shift (or Virage numérique) is a challenge for many traders. In Quebec, two out of five people bought online last year. What is the Digital Shift initiative? The digital shift initiative aims to help retailers in Quebec implement strategies to carve out a place on the Web. This aid launched last autumn is totally free! If you participate, you’ll get a boost at different levels. Diagnose your situation Develop an action plan for your business. Implement the chosen solution in your business. Promote your online store through marketing training. This corresponds to about five days of accompaniment. […]

Helena Arroyo

Scientific facilitator, lecturer and teacher, Helena has more than 20 years of practice in the field of environment and sustainable development. Specializing in environmental education, waste management and recycling, she has also carried out various missions related to biodiversity and ecological agriculture. Following three years of study in biology at the National University of Córdoba in Argentina, she completed her studies in environmental geography at Concordia University in Montreal. Helena also studied First Nations at the Institute of Aboriginal Cultures. This impressive roadmap has taken her to 56 countries around the world, discovering cultures and diversity. A passionate environmentalist and […]

Helena Arroyo, environmental specialist.

Solidarity purchase

Solidarity projects for social responsibility

Aiming for fighting poverty and solitude of marginalized or disadvantaged people, we wish working with public and private partners to generate income for this cause in a fair way that’s are profitable for all stakeholders. We offer compensatory trade for your purchases of Web and digital products, turnkey products offered with a personalized service for solidarity projects. Through this commercial exchange, we want to give a better chance for vulnerable people to strengthening their capacities by learning entrepreneurship adapted to a diversified socio-cultural context. It’s at competitive prices that your purchases helping us in this mission. I invite you to discover […]

Charlène-Rokhaya Jaye

With more than 15 years of experience in business management and organizational management, Charlène-Rokhaya Jaye believes that being productive is to be able to adapt our behaviors to face the globalization. That why she’s offering her knowledge in organization leadership with codevelopment training in Africa and Canada. In recent years, Charlène-Rokhaya has fulfilled mandates of social network manager. She’s offering its sense of organization, creativity and versatility to public figures and companies who want to have visibility on the web. Charlène-Rokhaya is a consultant specializing in organization and information systems. She is currently working on the training of the workforce according […]

WOB Team

The founder with the co-founders

Open for solidarity leaders

We create an alternative education that helps most vulnerable people to create their autonomy. With a measure of employment or self-employment with reinforcement of their capacities. Undoubtedly it’s a beautiful way to give them a chance building their autonomy so they can be involved into society in a useful, interesting manner and in a fullfilling way. We work with associations and different types of groups : women; young adult people; And also : immigrants; aboriginal; physically handicapped; detainees or former detainees. For an entrepreneurship awareness component. teenagers. We use similar, but different tools from traditional teaching, in a unique WOB […]

Fawzi Ait-chabane

With over 20 years of combined experience inengineering design, research and development, finance and business development. Fawzi offers its skills in supporting entrepreneurs to help them in financial management. Fawzi has a degree in engineering, graduated from the University of Science and Technology in Algeria, and from Polytechnic University of Montreal. Because he worked for a financial services firm, he can also advise on financial security and group savings. Fawzi is an entrepreneur and co-founder of a startup. It is with the intimate conviction that each person has the ability to pursue and fulfill their dreams of starting a business, […]

Fawzi Ait-chabane, specialized in finance and business development for microbusiness.

Partenaire solidaire WOB

Agreement in Principle with the President of Mercadex

An agreement in principle for a solidarity partnership between Mercadex International and World Open Business for a private order has been concluded. Through our new partnership, WOB will be able to provide capital in exchange for its work, which will help our organization helping marginalized or disadvantaged people for competitive training opportunities. This first important step marks the path of an agreement for the benefit of all stakeholders. This agreement in principle will help for providing help for marginalized or disadvantaged people in their training. This first importance step marks a path of an agreement  for the benefit of all […]

Babacar Diagne

Mr. Babacar Diagne is President of the Senegal Business Council (CDES), an employers’ organization representing hundreds of companies in Senegal. A serial entrepreneur, he lived in the United States for a few years to come back to Dakar, Senegal, to his country of origin to promote entrepreneurship. Regularly invited to give speeches in various media Senegalese to explain the environment and business issues. He organizes and participates with his team and CDES members in national and international economic meetings. Babacar is an excellent business developer with a unique charisma and leadership. He is also a fine negotiator who knows how […]

Jean-Paul David

Mr. Jean-Paul David is President of Mercadex International, a consulting firm specialized in supporting companies in global markets. He is regularly invited to speak on international trade in Quebec (Canada) and then in France, since he has an office in Paris in 2016. Having studied in Quebec and France, he now has more than thirty years of practical experience in marketing, finance and international business development. Jean-Paul holds a Master’s degree (MBA) in Marketing and International Management from HEC Montréal, partly completed at the Lyon School of Management and he also holds a B.A.A. from the Université du Québec à […]

Partenaire solidaire WOB

Nathalie Esain

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of customer experience, Nathalie has a strong analytical profile with an active listening capacity that allows her to expand your vision. Nathalie is also an entrepreneur and founder of a startup. A graduate in humanities and social sciences and business administration, she worked in various positions related to customer relations. At first in direct contact with clients, she then mentored teams and then specialized in customer experience. Concerned about the well-being of his neighbor, her favorite sectors are the recreational tourism industry, the field of health and well-being, sustainable food and […]

Formation WOB

Expert-trainer Christian Wirth

Christian Wirth

Recognizing the importance of individuals for the success of projects, Christian offers his skills to develop the full potential of a team working in an entrepreneurial or organizational framework turned towards the social economy. Christian is an entrepreneur and founder of a collaborative social economy enterprise and has co-founded several social economy projects. As we know, our society is currently undergoing major transformations and it becomes complex and more difficult to manage the various aspects related to its management in a globalized context, especially since the contribution of a strong technological trend in our practices daily. Collective intelligence comes to fill […]

Michel Poulin

With more than 15 years of experience in audiovisual production, Michel has brilliantly completed numerous major projects that have allowed him to participate in various organizations in the cultural, corporate and sustainable development sectors. Through his educational approach, Michel actively participates in the construction of sustainable social projects to rethink human values ​​in a professional approach focused on integration into the labor market. Michel is an entrepreneur and founder of a company in the audiovisual field and has a photo and video production studio. For Michel, education is a key element in the human and social development of a community. He […]

Équipe WOB

Expert-formateur David Bélanger

David Bélanger

With more than 20 years of experience in information technology and academic training in different areas of business. David’s ambition is to give the underprivileged a chance to realize their full potential by setting up their small business, commonly known as “microbusiness”. Entrepreneur at heart, he founded at the age of 24 his first business. For nearly 13 years, he managed his business production services company in information technology, mostly in Web and digital technology. He was also president and director of digital affairs for the Coopérative de solidarité intra entrepreneuriale (.Cie) for nearly 4 years. He recently made international […]

WOB humanist vision

Trainers Christian Wirth, Michel Poulin and the fonder David Bélanger met to define the futur of World Open Business (WOB) training platform and action strategic plan intended to help disadvantaged and marginalized people from society. The exercise consisted in putting their ideas into place to build a global approach and prioritize the issues for this year. World Open Business (WOB) adds value to a proposal for management services and information technology, Web and digital by giving more destitute people from diverse socio-cultural context the opportunity to learn through adapted training. Offered by experts, with the cooperation of private and public partners in different […]

WOB humanistic vision