Creating a New Web Shop

1 200 $

This turnkey service offers a sober, classic and elegant design.


This package can be customized by adding features that you add in time according to your needs.


Turnkey Package Deal For Your Web Shop

Realized in less than 1 month after the complete delivery of your information documents.


This package includes:

  • The installation of your web hosting, valid for one year.
  • Registration of your Internet domain, style * WWW.DOMAIN.COM (.com .net or .org) valid for one year. **
  • The creation of a mailbox (.net, .org also offered).
  • The creation of your website with a management tool for your content where you can manage your web shop yourself. ***
  • Setting up your logo **** at the top left on all pages of your website.
  • The creation of a home page with a carousel scrolling through your advertising slogans or promotional offers to present your products and services.
  • The creation of three promotional posters or advertising slogans presenting your products or services. The creation is done by our team of design experts.
  • The creation of a page of presentation of your organization of a maximum 2500 characters with the possibility to put a picture which accompanies your text.
  • The creation of a product page of maximum 2500 characters with the possibility of putting three products with one photo (or image) per product.
  • The parameterization of your shop:
    • Configuration of a:
      • Physical location of the shop;
      • Sales location;
      • Delivery location;
      • The parameterization of your geo-localized clientele or not;
      • Activation of the sales tax and its calculation;
      • Currency used;
      • Certification of a customer base to show trust in existing customers who have paid for your products or services;
      • Possibility for your customers to leave notices (certified or not) by products with or without notes;
      • Display by product (by popularity, ratings, most recent, ascending or descending), by categories (and subcategories) of products, or both.
      • Installation of a shopping cart, including the description of customer orders;
    • Configuration of a promo code:
      • Percentage of discounts or;
      • Amount fixed on the order of the shopping cart or;
      • Amount fixed by product.
    • Configuration of a delivery area (if applicable)
    • Configuration of a delivery method applicable to a zone.
      • Package: Allows you to charge a flat rate for delivery, possibility to group products for delivery with a percentage rate higher or lower;
      • Free Shipping: Free Shipping is a special method that can be triggered with promo codes and minimal expenses. Possibility to add a promo code for free delivery, or / and according to a minimum purchase amount;
      • Point of Sale: Allow customers to pick up their own orders. When using the withdrawal in the store, the sales tax (VAT) applies according to the address of the customer.
    • Set up a local sales tax, if applicable, as applicable;
    • Payment Option Configuration:
      • Bank transfer
      • By Cheque ;
      • At the delivery
      • Paypal or Stripe (VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX).
    • Default configuration of the customer’s delivery or billing address;
      • Possible configuration of a restriction of use:
        • Setting a minimum or maximum purchase amount per purchase;
        • Exclusion of Promotional Products or a Selected Product, or a Complete Category of Products
        • Activation or not of a fee calculator in the shopping cart, possibility of disguising delivery charges until a delivery address is entered by the customer;
        • Dashboard on sales, orders, items purchased, refunds, billing, coupon codes, classified by week, by month, by year. Ability to export a spreadsheet (.CSV) file for analysis.
        • The creation of a contact us page which offers the possibility to your visitors to leave you a message via a Web form. They can write to you and leave you a message that will be sent to your e-mail address that we have created for you.
      • Accounts Receivable Management System with:
        • Displaying customer orders;
        • Customer account information that can be modified by the customer.
    • Customer order management in a password protected interface;
    • Parameterization of system messages ;
  • The installation of a system of protection against intrusions (firewall) to better protect your website.
  • The purchase and the addition of an SSL security certificate to guarantee the protection of your customers during their purchases in your online shop.
  1. We guarantee your satisfaction or you will be refunded.
  2. We also guarantee the operation of your web shop as long as you are a customer with us *** (certain conditions apply)

* According to the availability of the market.

** The annual renewal of this service is at a cost of $ 100 to be paid two months before the end of your current year. You will lose your rights of use if you do not renew your package.

*** If you decide to administer your website yourself we will not be able to guarantee the quality since you could break the links of the pages, delete them or do other activities that could jeopardize its functioning.

**** This service does not include the creation of your logo. You must add this option if you want us to create it for you.

NOTE: you must provide us with your documents, texts, photos, images or other so that we can perform the work of creation.

Our customer service center available online on our Website accompanies you to retrieve items and set up your Web shop.

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