Adding images (photos)

38 $ 22 $

Choose the number of images you want added to your webpage.


We will add one or more images to you on any of your pages.

Which includes :

  • Crop the image for a better visual effect according to the design of your page.
  • An alignment according to your specifications (left, right or center).
  • Its calibration to give an overall harmony.
  • The reduction of its weight for a better loading time while keeping an optimal visual effect.

Our web design experts offer you superior service to increase your marketing potential. Each image will be made following the delivery of a document from you that can be any type of digital document. Whether it is an image, a photo, an iconography, a PDF document or others, we add an image for you that provides a harmonized visual effect with your Website.

NOTE: You must already be a customer with us to use this option and already have a website.

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