Adding Twitter

65 $

Add the Twitter social network to your business.


We add for you the social network Twitter on your website:

Which includes :

  • Creating your Twitter account if you do not already have one. Otherwise, we collect your information to do the work.
  • Set up your Twitter account, with the addition of a description of your company.
  • Adding your logo*, a promotional poster** style image displays your business.
  • Adding relevant #hashtag for your Twitter account.
  • The addition of the Twitter button on all pages of your website positioned at the top of the page in the navigation menu.

NOTE: You must already be a customer with us to use this option and already have a website.

* You must have your logo, otherwise you will also have to take the option of creating your logo so that we can do this work.

** You must also have your promotional poster, otherwise you must take the option of creating a promotional poster so that we can carry out this work.

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