Adding fields in your Web form

35 $ 22 $

Choose the number of fields you want to add to your Web form.


We create a Web form for you according to your needs with the fields you want.

NOTE: The price is unitary per field created.

You must have already taken our turnkey web forms creation solution to be eligible for this service.

What includes:

  • The configuration and parameterization of the form.
  • Configuration and parameterization of automatic messages.
  • The configuration and parameterization of the validations of the mandatory fields and system messages.
  • Add the accessible form through the Web page of your choice.

NOTE: You must already be a client with us to use this option and you already have a website.

You must provide us with the fields to create so we can do the creation work.

Available options:

  • The creation of one or more of the following fields:
    • Name and last Name.
    • Email.
    • Web address (URL).
    • Phone number.
    • Text box to leave a message.
    • Drop-down menu with selection options.
    • Check boxes for multiple selections.
    • Radio style buttons to select a single option.
    • Attach file attachments.
  • Validation fields.
  • Button to send the form to the email address of your services.
  • The fields of your choice may or may not be necessary according to your needs.
  • The creation of automatic messages sent to your client.

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