Installing a solution for a discussion board (FAQ)

245 $ 95 $

Installation of a turnkey discussion forum for your business. We add for you a discussion of your choice or on a topic of general interest that can serve as a frequently asked question.


We set up a discussion forum for you on your Website.

A forum is a public discussion area open to participants. Discussions are archived, allowing asynchronous communication with your customers.

Here is an example on our site.

We offer you :

  • A discussion forum for your business with the possibility for your visitors to ask questions and for you to answer them while sharing your answers with all of your visitors on frequently asked questions allows to build a frequently asked questions ( FAQ).

Which includes :

  • Installation and configuration of your discussion board*.
  • The creation of a topic of discussion on issues of general interest or on a particular subject of your choice.

NOTE: You must already be a customer with us to use this option and already have a Website.

*You must give us the topic of discussion you want, otherwise we create a topic of general interest.

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